Advanced Electrical Design for Autodesk Revit

A Revit® extension for electrical engineers and designers, created in partnership between Schneider Electric® and Autodesk®

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Add the power of advanced electrical design to Revit

Now you can plan, analyze, optimize, and document electrical plans all in a single place, keeping diagrams in sync with the architectural model throughout the building process. From initial concept through schematic design to detailed design, this cohesive, connected solution better supports emerging industry demands of the new energy landscape.

All of your electrical planning. All in one place.

Make Revit a more intelligent tool by bridging critical gaps in your BIM-based workflows. Advanced Electrical Design is a robust, comprehensive solution that helps engineers and designers optimize design and project costs, reduce timelines, and ultimately win more business.

Key Line Workspace-

Key Line Workspace

A new kind of electrical diagram

Part electrical diagram, part flow chart, the newly introduced Key Line workspace is a more conceptual way to think about electrical design. Lay out the power sources, equipment and loads of a project’s electrical system using a drag-and-drop diagram with high-level calculations. It’s perfect for seeing the bigger picture during initial project planning.

Electrical designer working on desktop in Key Line, the new electrical diagram workspace.

Single Line Workspace+

Single Line Workspace

Connected diagram workspaces

Rather than use multiple programs, automatically create pro-level Single Line diagrams interchangeably from any of our diagram types. Whichever diagram workspace you work in – Key Line or Single Line — all data is automatically transferred across the others, giving you two types of diagrams and one perfectly synced electrical plan.

Power Scenarios+

Power Scenarios

Analyze loads; optimize design

Analyze the total demand loads of each subsection of an electrical system in various scenarios to optimize energy design and ensure proper equipment sizing. Power scenarios can be created and viewed in any workspace.

Electrical engineer optimizing design and equipment sizing with Advanced Electrical Design.

Load Letter & Cable Schedule+

Load letters, schedules and reports export using real-time data in Advanced Electrical Design.
Load Letter & Cable Schedule

Easily generate reports and schedules

With Advanced Electrical Design, reports like load letters, or cable schedules, can be easily generated. The load letter uses real-time calculations to provide a breakdown of load characteristics and utility needs for an entire structure, formatted for delivery to utility companies as required.

Integrated Code Regulations+

Integrated Code Regulations

Save time and reduce errors

Ensure accuracy while reducing the time devoted to compliance with regional code-based calculations built into the Advanced Electrical Design extension.

Reviewing integrated regional code-based calculations in Advanced Electrical Design for Autodesk Revit.

See what a difference an extension can make

Simplify electrical design, analysis, and equipment sizing with real-time calculations in a single BIM platform.

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About BIM Electric

BIM Electrical Corp. (“BIM Electric,” a subsidiary of Schneider Electric) was established through a strategic alliance partnership between Autodesk and Schneider Electric.

As a global leader in energy management for over a century, Schneider Electric provides efficient, sustainable digital solutions for energy and automation. We combine world-leading energy technologies, real-time automation, software, and services into integrated solutions for homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure, and industries.

Autodesk has long been a champion of sustainable building design and construction, providing robust BIM solutions that include tools for rapid and meaningful energy analysis.

Now we are paving the way for intelligent advanced code-based electrical distribution design and analysis. Together Autodesk and Schneider Electric, through BIM Electric, are driving long-term digital transformation solutions in the industry, providing greater value for your company and customers in the new energy landscape, Electricity 4.0.

ETAP joins forces with BIM Electric to become the leader in electrical software solutions.

Advanced Electrical Design for All